ANCSA Concordance 1971-1987

NOTICE:  This concordance of ANCSA (43 U.S.C. sections 1601 – 1642) and uncodified sections of the 1976 and 1987 ANCSA amendments was prepared using older technology.  It has not been updated since the 1987 amendments due to the increased accuracy of other search tools. 

(Excluding 1998 and 2000 amendments, and all subsequent amendments)

This concordance is a detailed index that lists every word used in ANCSA (including the uncodified sections) and provides hypertext references to the sections and subsections where the word can be found. As noted above, the concordance addressed ANCSA through the 1987 Amendments, but was not subsequently updated. 

The initial concordance of ANCSA included over 3700 different words and covered 530 single spaced pages. To reduce bulk, ANCSA section numbers and subsection letters (e.g., 1606, (a) ), and common words and prepositions (e.g., a, an, and, as, be, of, that, the, with) were omitted. For efficiency, the concordance  has been divided into separate sections: all numbers and dollar amounts are in one section, and each letter has a separate section.

To find all references in ANCSA to a particular word, click on the appropriate description or letter. Letters “a”, “c” and “s” have so many words and references that they have each been broken down into two parts. Scroll down until you find the desired word and click on the hypertext references. Two or more references to the same section indicate that the word is found in different subsections of that section. Each reference to the same section will jump to a different subsection of the section. Note that if your browser changes color for links you’ve accessed, the subsections of a particular section might not change color after your access. 

ANCSA’s word use is not always consistent.  Numbers may be shown in numerals, or may be written out. “4” would be in the “Numbers & amounts” section, and “four” would be in the “F” section. ANCSA has both “cochairmen” and “co-chairmen,” with alphabetization placing “co-chairmen” several places before “cochairmen.” If you can’t find a word, look for alternate spellings. The concordance was prepared with word processing macros that can result in errors, especially with regard to hyphenated words.

To find all references to a particular phrase or combination of words (e.g., “interim conveyance”), one word of the phrase can be used – for example “interim.” Or, search the entire ANCSA Resource Center using the search box below. Input “interim conveyance” to find links to laws, regulations and other resource materials using that term.