Alaska Statutes Relating to Securities § 45.55.138 | § 45.55.139

§ 45.55.138. Alaska Securities Act of 1959; Application to Alaska Native Claims Settlement Act Corporations

          The initial issue of stock of a corporation organized under Alaska law pursuant to 43 U.S.C. 1601 – 1628 (Alaska Native Claims Settlement Act) is not a sale of a security under AS 45.55.070 and 45.55.130(10).

§ 45.55.139. Alaska Securities Act of 1959; Reports of Corporations

          A copy of all annual reports, proxies, consents or authorizations, proxy statements and other materials relating to proxy solicitations distributed, published or made available by any person to at least 30 Alaska resident shareholders of a corporation that has total assets exceeding $1,000,000 and a class of equity security held of record by 500 or more persons and which is exempted from the registration requirements of AS 45.55.070 by AS 45.55.138, shall be filed with the administrator concurrently with its distribution to shareholders.