Establishment by court order of 13th regional corporation for benefit of non-permanent residents; Land selection entitlements; Previously issued stock; Election for enrollment; Land entitlements of corporations or Native village or group eligibility Section 8

          (a) Notwithstanding the October 6, 1975, order of the United States District Court for the District of Columbia in the case of Alaska Native Association of Oregon et al. against Rogers C.B. Morton et al., Civil Action Numbered 2133-73, and Alaska Federation of Natives International, Inc., et al. against Rogers C.B. Morton, et al., Civil Action Number 2141-73 (F. Supp.), changes in enrollment of Natives which are necessitated or permitted by such order shall in no way affect land selection entitlements of any Alaska Regional or Village Corporation nor any Native village or group eligibility.

          (b) Stock previously issued by any of the twelve Regional Corporations in Alaska or by Village Corporations to any Native who is enrolled in the thirteenth region pursuant to said order shall, upon said enrollment, be canceled by the issuing corporation without liability to it or the Native whose stock is so canceled: Provided, That, in the event that a Native enrolled in the thirteenth region pursuant to said order shall elect to reenroll in the appropriate Regional Corporation in Alaska pursuant to the sixth ordering paragraph of that order, stock of such Native may be canceled by the Thirteenth Regional Corporation and stock may be issued to such Native by the appropriate Regional Corporation in Alaska without liability to either corporation or to the Native.

          (c) Whenever additional enrollment under the Settlement Act is permitted pursuant to this Act or any other provision of law, any Native enrolling under such authority who is determined not to be a permanent resident of the State of Alaska under criteria established pursuant to the Settlement Act shall, at the time of enrollment, elect whether to be enrolled in the thirteenth region or in the region determined pursuant to the provisions of section 5(b) of such Act and such election shall apply to all dependent members of such Native‘s household who are less than eighteen years of age on the date of such election.

          (d) No change in the final roll of Natives established by the Secretary pursuant to section 5 in the Settlement Act resulting from any regulation promulgated by the Secretary of the Interior providing for the disenrollment of Natives shall affect land entitlements of any Regional or Village Corporation or any Native village or group eligibility.