Enrollment in regions 25 C.F.R. § 69.4

Note: This regulation was repealed prior to 1990 and is not currently in force. It is provided as a matter of historical interest.

          (a) Permanent residents of Alaska: A Native permanently residing in Alaska on April 1, 1970, shall be enrolled in the region and village or other place in which he or she was a permanent resident on that date.

          (b) Nonresidents of Alaska: A Native who is 18 years of age or older at the time of filing his or her application for enrollment and who, on April 1, 1970 was not a permanent resident of one of the regions in Alaska shall be enrolled according to the following order of priority:

                   (1) In the 13th region, if he or she so elects, or

                   (2) In the region where he or she resided on April 1, 1970, if he or she had resided there without substantial interruption for 2 or more years, or

                   (3) In the region where he or she previously resided for an aggregate of 10 years or more, or

                   (4) In the region where he or she was born, or

                   (5) In the region from which an ancestor came.

          (c) A Native may be enrolled in a different region when necessary to avoid enrolling members of the same family (i.e., parents and children) in different regions or otherwise avoid hardship.

          (d) Eligible children born on or after April 2, 1970, and on or before December 18, 1971, shall be enrolled in the region in which one of their parents is enrolled.