Preparation, certification, approval and amendment of the roll 25 C.F.R. § 69.9

Note: This regulation was repealed prior to 1990 and is not currently in force. It is provided as a matter of historical interest.

          (a) The Alaska Native Roll shall be prepared by the Enrollment Coordinating Office, and shall contain for each enrollee his or her name, Social Security number, last known address, sex, date of birth, degree of Alaska Native blood or other basis for determining eligibility, permanent residence as of April 1, 1970, and the village and/or region in which he or she is enrolled.

          (b) The roll approved December 17, 1973, subject to appeals and the legal determination shall be maintained by the Enrollment Coordinating Office, and shall be amended from time to time as necessary to correct errors to show changes in names, addresses, place of enrollment, or other information entitled to recognition, to reflect determinations of eligibility and ineligibility, and for such other purposes as may be required.