Membership of appeals boards; decisions, functions of Chief Judges 43 C.F.R. § 4.2

          (a) The Appeals Boards consist of regular members, who are hereby designated Administrative Judges, one of whom is designated as Chief Administrative Judge, the Director as an ex officio member, and alternate members who may serve, when necessary, in place of or in addition to regular members. The Chief Administrative Judge of an Appeals Board may direct that an appeal may be decided by a panel of any two Administrative Judges of the Board, but if they are unable to agree upon a decision, the Chief Administrative Judge may assign one or more additional Administrative Judges of the Board to consider the appeal. The concurrence of a majority of the Board Administrative Judges who consider an appeal shall be sufficient for a decision.

          (b) Decisions of the Board must be in writing and signed by not less than a majority of the Administrative Judges who considered the appeal. The Director, being an ex officio member, may participate in the consideration of any appeal and sign the resulting decision.

          (c) The Chief Administrative Judge of an Appeals Board shall be responsible for the internal management and administration of the Board, and the Chief Administrative Judge is authorized to act on behalf of the Board in conducting correspondence and in carrying out such other duties as may be necessary in the conduct of routine business of the Board.