Reporter’s fees 43 C.F.R. § 4.452-7

          (a) The Government agency initiating the proceedings will pay all reporting fees in hearings in Government contest proceedings, in hearings under the Surface Resources Act of 1955, as amended, in hearings under the Multiple Mineral Development Act of 1954, as amended, where the United States is a party, and in hearings under the Mining Claims Rights Restoration Act of 1955, regardless of which party is ultimately successful.

          (b) In the case of a private contest, each party will be required to pay the reporter’s fees covering the party’s direct evidence and cross-examination of witnesses, except that if the ultimate decision is adverse to the contestant, he must in addition pay all the reporter’s fees otherwise payable by the contestee.

          (c) Each party to a private contest shall be required by the administrative law judge to make reasonable deposits for reporter’s fees from time to time in advance of taking testimony. Such deposits shall be sufficient to cover all reporter’s fees for which the party may ultimately be liable under paragraph (b) of this section. Any part of a deposit not used will be returned to the depositor upon the final determination of the case except that deposits which are required to be made when a complaint is filed will not be returned if the party making the deposit does not appear at the hearing, but will be used to pay the reporter’s fee. Reporter’s fees will be at the rates established for the local courts, or, if the reporting is done pursuant to a contract, at rates established by the contract.