Proceedings in Government contests 43 C.F.R. § 4.451-2

          The proceedings in Government contests shall be governed by the rules relating to proceedings in private contests with the following exceptions:

          (a) No corroboration shall be required of a Government complaint and the complaint need not be under oath.

          (b) A Government contest complaint will not be insufficient and subject to dismissal for failure to name all parties interested, or for failure to serve every party who has been named.

          (c) No filing fee or deposit toward reporter’s fee shall be required of the Government.

          (d) Any action required of the contestant may be taken by any authorized Government employee.

          (e) The statements required by section 4.450-4(a)(5) and (6) need not be included in the complaint.

          (f) No posting of notice of publication on the land in issue shall be required of the Government.

          (g) Where service is by publication, the affidavits required by section 4.450-5(b)(1) need not be filed. The contestant shall file with the manager a statement of diligent search which shall state that the contestee could not be located after diligent search and inquiry, the last known address of the contestee and the detail of efforts and inquiries made to locate the party sought to be served. The diligent search shall be concluded not more than 15 days prior to the filing of the statement.

          (h) In lieu of the requirements of section 4.450-5(b)(3)(ii) the contestant shall, as part of the diligent search before the publication or within 15 days after the first publication send a copy of the complaint by certified mail, return receipt requested, to the contestee at the last address of record. The return receipts shall be filed in the office in which the contest is pending.

          (i) The affidavit required by section 4.450-5(c)(3) need not be filed.

          (j) The provisions of paragraph (e) of section 4.450-4(e) shall be inapplicable.