Lawful entries and lawful settlements 43 C.F.R. § 2650.3-1

          (a) Pursuant to sections 14(g) and 22(b) of the Act, all conveyances issued under the Act shall exclude any lawful entries or entries which have been perfected under, or are being maintained in compliance with, laws leading to the acquisition of title, but shall include land subject to valid existing rights of a temporary or limited nature such as those created by leases (including leases issued under section 6(g) of the Alaska Statehood Act), contracts, permits, rights-of-way, or easements.

          (b) The right of use and occupancy of persons who initiated lawful settlement or entry of land, prior to August 31, 1971, is protected: Provided, That:

                    (1) Occupancy has been or is being maintained in accordance with the appropriate public land law, and

                    (2) Settlement or entry was not in violation of Public Land Order No. 4582, as amended. Any person who entered or settled upon land in violation of that public land order has gained no rights.

          (c) In the event land excluded from conveyance under paragraph (a) of this section reverts to the United States, the grantee or his successor in interest shall be afforded an opportunity to acquire such land by exchange pursuant to section 22(f) of the Act.