Definitions 43 C.F.R. § 2653.0-5

          (a) “Cemetery site” means a burial ground consisting of the gravesites of one or more Natives.

          (b) “Historical place” means a distinguishable tract of land or area upon which occurred a significant Native historical event, which is importantly associated with Native historical or cultural events or persons, or which was subject to sustained historical Native activity, but sustained Native historical activity shall not include hunting, fishing, berry-picking, wood gathering, or reindeer husbandry. However, such uses may be considered in the evaluation of the sustained Native historical activity associated with the tract or area.

          (c) “Native group” means any tribe, band, clan, village, community or village association of Natives composed of less than 25, but more than 3 Natives, who comprise a majority of the residents of a locality and who have incorporated under the laws of the State of Alaska.

          (d) “Primary place of residence” means a place comprising a primary place of residence of an applicant on August 31, 1971, at which he regularly resides on a permanent or seasonal basis for a substantial period of time.