Conveyance reservations 43 C.F.R. § 2653.11

          (a) Conveyances issued pursuant to this subpart are subject to the conveyance reservations described in section 2650.4 of this chapter.

          (b) In addition to the reservations provided in paragraph (a) of this section, conveyance for cemetery sites or historical places will contain a covenant running with the land providing that (1) the Regional Corporation shall not authorize mining or mineral activity of any type; nor shall it authorize any use which is incompatible with or is in derogation of the values of the area as a cemetery site or historical place (standards for determining uses which are incompatible with or in derogation of the values of the area are found in relevant portions of 36 CFR 800.9 (1974); and (2) that the United States reserves the right to seek enforcement of the covenant in an action in equity. The covenant placed in this subsection may be released by the Secretary, in his discretion, upon application of the Regional Corporation grantee showing that extraordinary to circumstances of a nature to warrant the release have arisen subsequent to the conveyance.

          (c) Conveyances for cemetery sites and historical places shall also contain the covenant required by section 2650.4-6 of this chapter.